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Tattoo Soaker Pads by Dynarex (Bag of 500)

$16.00 USD

Black Tattoo Zap Pads are applied to a finished tattoo to protect area and soak up any liquids. They're perforated on one side and sealed on the other. All liquids will be contained within the pad and will not seep through. They're made with a patented super absorbent core to remove moisture and soak up liquids such as plasma, blood and excess ink. They will not stick to skin and keep tattooed area protected and clean. Apply perforated side to tattoo using tape or other adhesive method.

  • 4"x7"
  • Sealed on All 4 Sides
  • Protects Clients Clothing
  • Protects New Tattoos
  • Will Not Stick to Skin
  • Soaks up and Contains All Liquids
  • Much Easier to Use Than Wraps or Plastic
  • FDA Approved Materials
  • Non-Sterile