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Peak Azur Rotary-Red

$249.99 USD
Peak Azur Rotary-Red

Experience a smooth and powerful performance with Azur. Our slider rotary machine comes with two powerful motors that are easily interchangeable. One motor operates at 8v 9000s (rpm) while the other operates at 11000s (rpm). Azur has a 3.5mm stroke and operates smoothly between 7V and 10V. It also has a motor unit that we’ve fastened extra tightly for the most stable operation. If the motor begins to shift, it should be twisted to maintain optimal tightness and security.

Our Azur Machine works with most cartridge needles. It comes equipped with four O-rings in soft and hard varieties, a vice screw, an allen key, and a straight RCA cord.

Key Features:

  • Red machine body
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • Operates between 7V and 10V
  • 2 interchangeable motors; 8v 9000s (rpm), 8v 11000s (rpm)
  • Motor unit secures tightly to avoid vibration
  • 118g net weight (38g machine body; 80g motor)
  • Easy-to-clean slider
  • Slider bar must be lubricated as needed with Super Lube
  • Works with most cartridges
  • Equipped with soft and hard O-rings, vice screw, allen key, and straight RCA cord